“It is a pretty unanimous view that HR can and should add more value to corporations. The best way to do this is by directly improving the performance of the business. This can be accomplished by effective Talent Management, helping with change management, influencing strategy, and a host of other value-added People and Organisation Development activities that impact effectiveness.” In a competitive marketplace, Talent Management is a primary driver for organizational success.”

Society of Human Resource Management

BPPartners has been successfully operating in this area for approaching 20 years….recruiting, training, coaching, mentoring, nurturing, shaping and developing, individuals, teams and organisations. Supporting business leaders, and business owners in the change initiatives they may take to transform their businesses, in the way in which they attract, retain, and develop new hires, and in their management of individual, executive, specialist and high potential talent both within their work and personal lives.

Our focus on Executive Recruitment has never just been about finding, attracting, and placing great candidates. Our focus on Executive Recruitment and Executive Search has always been about supporting our clients in their drive to improve business performance.

  • By being very clear about how resourcing requirements align with business strategies and operational priorities.
  • By sourcing candidates who make a difference to organisational performance through their immediate contribution or by demonstrating the highest levels of potential.
  • And by working with our clients and business owners in whatever ways might be appropriate for them, to develop systems, strategies, attitudes and actions which underpin their own typical aspiration to create a high-performance, sustainable organization that meets their particular strategic and operational objectives.

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Please call 01603 456216 to arrange an initial discussion regarding potential projects or specific support in any of these, or related areas.

Individuals wishing to register their CV on our www.1st4Jobs.com job board and access multiple employers and recruiters should do so here.

For those seeking specific 1:1 coaching support, assistance in finding alternative employment, or who wish to make a specific enquiry, in the first instance, please contact us by email.

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