BPPartners has been successfully operating in the Talent Management area for over 20 years….

  • recruiting, training, coaching, mentoring, nurturing, shaping and developing, individuals, teams and organisations
  • supporting business leaders, and business owners in the change initiatives they may take to transform their businesses
  • in the way in which they attract, retain, and develop new hires, and in their management of individual, executive, specialist and high potential talent both within their work and personal lives

Our contribution to individuals, teams, executives, leaders, business owners and organisations is focussed in the following areas:


Working primarily within Executive Search and Retained Recruitment, we also offer a range of flexible recruitment management services to make your resourcing tasks more strategically aligned, targeted, and manageable, as well as providing access to a wide range of Job Boards.


We are firm believers in the very significant contribution that coaching can make to each and every one of us, as individuals, or as part of an organisation, whether sports team, family, religious, public, voluntary, or private sector. As well as providing a range of 1:1, group and Executive Coaching options, we also offer Coach Training.


Our training is fundamentally bespoke, ensuring that whatever is provided is in line with your specific requirements. We also offer a number of public programmes including Essential NLP Life Skills, Essential NLP Business Skills, Improving Individual and Organisational Performance and Group and Personal Effectiveness (GRAPE).


Individual, Team and Organisation Development is our heartland. Whether this is about helping an individual make appropriate Career, Life or Relationship decisions; a Team improve its performance by developing its internal systems, resolving interpersonal or cross department tensions; or the larger organisation clarifying its Vision, Values, Mission, supporting Systems, Priorities, Processes and Culture.

All of this is what we do. And we would be delighted to engage in an initial conversation with you, to better understand your challenges, and how we might be able to contribute to achieving your individual or organisational objectives.